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Frank DarabontDurante un'intervista promozionale per The Mist, il regista Frank Darabont ha confermato che farà il tanto atteso adattemento cinematografico de La Lunga Marcia.

Ecco l'articolo completo tratto da  Bloody-Disgusting:

During an interview to promote Dimension Films' upcoming Stephen King adaptation, The Mist, director Frank Darabont revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that he is in fact going to helm Stephen King's The Long Walk once he has completed Fahrenheit 451. The film is about a walk where the winner gets the ultimate prize - anything they want for life, and the losers get punished with death! The rules are simple - If you walk too slow, you get a warning, 4 warnings and you are shot. There is only one winner, and the story concentrates on a loosely held group of individuals that become friends and enemies during this inhumane walk. One by one Ray Garraty sees the people around him die, and he faces the truths of his own entry into the Long Walk, and those of his new "friends". He is aware that only one will survive all the way, but it is not until the end that he realised the finality of his situation, and he slowly looses his sanity piece by piece.



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