1985 - Castle Rock



Nel periodo che va dal gennaio 1985 al dicembre 1989 la Castle Rock Press di Bangor (Maine) pubblicava con cadenza mensile quella che, ad oggi, rimane la sola newsletter ufficiale di Stephen King: “Castle Rock”. La newsletter informava i Fedeli Lettori delle novità e dei progetti in preparazione in ambito editoriale, cinematografico, e anche musicale, oltre a riportare numerosi articoli, critiche ed interviste. Castle Rock arrivava agli iscritti per posta, e inizialmente il formato era più o meno quello di un volantino: i primi quattro numeri erano addirittura formati da semplici fogli bianchi stampati e poi uniti con una graffetta nell’angolo superiore sinistro. A partire dal numero successivo, maggio 1985, il formato divenne quello di un giornale e la carta non più bianca ma colorata. L’editore era Christopher Spruce, cognato di Stephen King, quindi le notizie riportate erano di primissima mano: infatti moltissimi degli articoli più interessanti su Stephen King e sulle sue opere hanno fatto la loro prima apparizione su Castle Rock, ed anche qualcuno dei racconti poi apparsi in raccolte ed antologie, uno su tutti: Dolan’s Cadillac. Le uscite complete della newsletter dovrebbero essere 60 ma in realtà, considerando che cinque uscite furono dei numeri doppi, l’intera serie dal gennaio 1985 al dicembre 1989 è “fisicamente” formata da 55 fascicoli che si suddividono in cinque volumi (uno per ciascun anno di uscita).

Ecco l’elenco dettagliato delle uscite di Castle Rock con un breve indice dei contenuti (in inglese); quelli contrassegnati da un asterisco sono numeri doppi e pertanto da contarsi come un solo fascicolo.

Volume I – 1985

Gennaio: FIRST ISSUE; Introduction; Upcoming books, Silver Bullet; Pet Semetary movie.

Febbraio: Part One of "Dolans' Cadillac" in it's original appearance. Bloom County comic strip reproduced.

Marzo: Part Two of "Dolans' Cadillac" . The Mist video game; Cat's Eye in theatres soon; King works on a screenplay to "Trucks".

Aprile: "Dolan's Cadillac" part 3 of 5 in it's original appearance. Castle Rock's origins, A comic strip featuring King from the Bangor Daily News from 1983, trivia contest, Starmont House news, The Talisman and more.

Maggio: "Dolan's Cadillac" part 4 of 5 in it's original appearance. Featuring articles "An Evening with Stephen King at Amherst," "Shining at the Overlook," "Collecting Stephen King Limiteds" by George Beahm, "Stephen King as Breckinridge Elkins?" the roast of Stephen King delivered by Donald M. Grant at Necon III, 7-7-82, "Some Reflections on Specialty Publishing" by Donald M. Grant. Reviews and classifieds.

Giugno: "Dolan's Cadillac" part 5; “The Politics of Limited Editions - Part I” by Stephen King. King bibliography by Stephanie Leonard.

Luglio: "Straub Talks About Talisman" an interview with Peter Straub. "The Politics of Limited Editions - Part II" by Stephen King; "WZON Offers Movie Part".

Agosto: "Starmont House Adds Three Volumes to Stephen King Studies. "Desiging The Eyes of the Dragon" by Michael Alpert. Photos of Stephen King on the set of Maximum Overdrive.

Settembre: Contest Winner to appear in "Maximum Overdrive"; Douglas Winter Reviews Skeleton Crew; Searching for Richard Bachman; Lists That Matter (Number 8) by SK; Editors column and letters.

Ottobre: "Ghostmaster General" by King, which appeared in a local newspaper, the transcript of a radio speech by King, and several articles by others.

Novembre: Stephen King interviewed on the “Maximum Overdrive” set. Stephen King in the Lowlands.

Dicembre: Yet Another Stephen King Interview, Stephen King's “Silver Bullet”, If I Could Cast The Stand, Bachman Books by Tyson Blue, “Silver Bullet”: another Opinion by Michael Collings.

Volume II – 1986

Gennaio: "Road Kill" by Tabitha King (fiction!); Lists that Matter by SK; Dear Editors reply by SK to erroneous statements concerning the sale of "Eye's of the Dragon"; The Blurbs of SK by Stephanie Leonard.

Febbraio: Featuring a rare article by Stephen King "High School Horrors", Harlan Ellison's "Part One: In Which We Scuffle Through the Embers." also. "The Stanley Shines On," WZON photo interviewing Tabitha King on air for a cancer charity, book reviews by Tyson Blue, and more.

Marzo: "Part Two: In Which We Discover Why the Children Don't Look like their Parents" by Harlan Ellison. The audio cassettes of Stephen King.

Aprile: "Praise for Ellison's 'Gramma' ". The Unexpected, and the Inevitable" by Michael McDowell.

Maggio: Celebrating a Mystery Weekend at Mohawk by Naomi King featuring attendees Peter Straub, Gahan Wilson, and Abby and Donald Westlake; T-shirt design winners (with art reprinted!) SK literary agent discusses friend/client.

Giugno: “The Plant: The Unseen King” by Tyson Blue. “The Man Who Would Not Be King” by original short story by Stanley Wiater.

Luglio: “IT”: Stephen King’s Comprehensive Masterpiece by Michael Collings. A review of “The Mist” in 3-D sound. SK on video cassette.

Agosto: "In Search of the Pets Sematary"; "Why and How to teach SK" by Bill Munster; "What it's Like being the daughter of SK" by Naomi King; "Say No to the Enforcers" by Stephen King.

Settembre: Stephen King discusses the making of Maximum Overdrive (extensive interview), the movie he directed and based on his short story "Trucks", also features photos of King on the set and from the film; Castle Rock readers comment on Maximum Overdrive. "Reiner Directs Comedy About Kids" an early annoucement of "Stand By Me" (comedy?). Joe Bob Briggs is interviewed.

Ottobre: "Stand By Me": The Best King Film Ever"; SK and the Stars (up there) by J.N. Williamson; "The Toucher" by Stanley Wiater (fiction).

Novembre: "IT: A Journey into the Dark Side"; In Praise of Don Robertson.

Dicembre/Gennaio*: "The Dreaded X" by SK. Dean Koontz interview. King goes to the Beach (Virginia); Finally, SK story filmed in Bangor (Creepshow II).

Volume III – 1987

Febbraio: Finding the Dead Zone”; “The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three” by Donald Grant; “A Postscript to Overdrive” by SK; “Why I Wrote the Eyes of the Dragon”.

Marzo: Stephen King & George Romeo: The Filming of Creepshow; "Editing 'Eyes (of the Dragon)": An Interview with Deborah Brodie". "The Horror, The Horror" by Stanley Wiater. "Collecting King" article, "Robertson Novel to be Published by Philtrum Press" (Stephen King's press) and more.

Aprile/Maggio*: A Castle Rock Exclusive: "Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three" excerpt of Stephen King's novel ;"Ideal Genuine Man" excerpt. "The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh Part II" by Paul R. Gagne, "Mystification In King" by Chris Thomson, Review of Misery, and a lot more.

Giugno: Creepshow 2 review by WZON's Tim Cotton. The Art of Movie Poster Collecting by Stephanie Leonard.

Luglio: "A Look at the Red Sox on the edge of '87" by Stephen King; Rounding up Books on King; Editors Column.

Agosto: "Co-Miser-A-Ting with SK" by Tabitha King; Stephen King's #1 fans; more on Creepshow 2; More on the Flagg/Gunslinger connection.

Settembre: SK's house is a tourist spot; Notes on "IT" ; Books on Stephen King.

Ottobre: A special issue on Stephen King's Rock n' Roll station WZON. Featuring: "Entering the Rock Zone (or How I Happened to Marry a Rock Station from Outer Space)" by Stephen King. "Rocking On In SK's Rock and Roll Zone" by Hank Cheever, Jr. "Misery On Stage?", "Ideal Genuine Man" and "Sorry Right Number" reviews by Tyson Blue. "Stephen King Contributes to Baseball Book" and a lot more.

Novembre: "The Triple Whammy" by Stephen King (on 3 Friday the 13th's appearing in one month), "Stephen King, Sci-Fi and The Tommyknockers" by Michael Collings; "It An ABC Mini-Series: I Shudder at the Thought" by Barry Hoffman. "The Automobile Motif: Stephen King's Most Frequent Villain" by Mark Graham. "Splatter: A Cautionary Tale" by Douglas E. Winter - reviewed by Tyson Blue.

Dicembre/Gennaio*: Fear and the Future: King as a science fiction writer. The King/Roland quest; Tabitha King: resisting the star- maker machinery, an interview. King's "Other" publisher.

Volume IV – 1988

Febbraio: "The Running Man and Stephen King" two articles by Michael Collings and Darrell Schweitzer respectively. "Meet Clive Barker" interview by Sheryl Weilgosh. "Carrie as a Musical", a complete Sunday comics reprint of "Hartland" by Rich Torrey about reading SK novels (naturally!).

Marzo: Observations from the terminator by Tyson Blue; "Carrie" to open at the Virginia Theatre; Mystery Weekend is novelized; "SK Criticized for Reference to Blacks" with a reply from Stephen King. "Queen for a Day with King".

Aprile: SK reads Gunslinger, Tapped for June release; Musical "Carrie" is Strange Spectacle. "Stephen King is Basis for Class", "Nightmares Publication set for Fall", "Years and Fears: A Look Backward".

Maggio/Giugno*: "Lost in Derry; Observations from the Terminator, Part Two, By Tyson Blue; SK Clarifies Gardner Reference; Book Review of Dean Koontz's "Door to December" and SK's ".

Luglio: "Night Flier" by SK Tops Horror Stories (Prime Evil review); Black and White and Read All Over (Carrie on Broadway); Jacks metamorphosis/Talisman. "Reach Out and Touch Some Thing: Blurbs and Stephen King" by Stanley Wiater. "The Road Laid it's Mark on You:" Jack's Metamorphosis in The Talisman by Jack Slay, Jr.

Agosto: SK's Pet Sematary scheduled for Maine Production; H.P. Lovecraft and Those Tommyknockers; Philtrum Press' second book-Ideal Genuine Man.

Settembre: "From Richard to Stephen to Richard" by Steve Spignesi; "Pearl" is a bit of Writing Magic.

Ottobre: "Pet Sematary" Finally Converted to Celluloid; Bare Bones: A Disquieting Look at Stephen King; "Pearl" review; "Gunslinger" T P/B review.

Novembre: "Pet Sematary Film Crews Visit Bangor" by Christopher Spruce, extensive article with many photos from the film set. "Pearl Is 'Engaging Character'" book review of Tabitha King's novel. Robert R. McCammon interview. Stephen King Wins Stoker Award. "Silver Scream" and "Nightmares" book reviews by Tyson Blue.

Dicembre: “Tv Version of Stand By Me is Horrifying” by Barry Hoffman. More photos from the Pet Sematary set; “My Pretty Pony: A Treat For The Eye”; “Farris at Necon: An interview”; Koontz produces toy fable (Oddkins review); Movie making next door (Pet Sematary).

Volume V – 1989

Gennaio: SK flicks not found near at a theatre near you; "The Mallwalkers" by Barbara Doty Larkin (fiction); Joe Bob finds fear and loathing; Books of Blood release; More info on Dark Tower II. "Looking for Trouble: Nightmares in Daylight" by Ben Indick.

Febbraio: SK inks new 4 book contract; Stephen King 41, interview; Recent short fiction by SK; SK Companion Book in the works; "Makers Place" by Eli White (fiction); Cabal completes U.S. "Blood" series.

Marzo: "Gunslinger Stalks Darkness in Human Spirit" and "SK Excels in Quest for the Dark Tower" by Janet C. Beaulieu; Rick Hautala interview (part 1); "Firefly. . Burning Bright" by Barry Hoffman (fiction).

Aprile: My Pretty Pony: An Odd Couple Produces a Work of Art; Belgian TV interview provides insights into SK; Spignesi Updates SK Encyclopedia; "The Reunion" by Phillip W. Wilson (fiction); Rick Hautala (part 2); Midnight by Koontz reviewed.

Maggio: Opening Night: No Glitz, Just the Jitters (Pet); Mr. King Meets the Comics; "Unseen King" is finally seen; King Play (Rage) is Raging Success; Making Horror work: tip from T.E.D. Klein; "Dead Dogs" by Peter Harrison (fiction); Cadillac for SK.

Giugno: "Rage" the stage adaption report; The Ultimate Catalogue by SK; McCammon Audio 'One of Best'; "Night of the Dog" by Michael D. Stewart; Cold In July reviewed; Stephen King at the Pasadena Library.

Luglio: Mr. Norman's Longcut (The Horror After the Fest) by Ray Rexer; More Than 300 Attend Horrorfest; Moonwalker reviewed; "Lullaby Haven" by G. Ewing.

Agosto: A Talk With Joe R. Lansdale (w/photo); Explorations . the Early Works of King by Michael R. Collings; "The Wrath of Herb & Marge" by Paddy McKillop; SK in Book of the Dead.

Settembre/Ottobre*: "A Horror Home Companion" by Michael Collings, review of the SK Companion; "Say Goodnight Lucy" by Christopher Spruce. Carrion Comfort review; Lori by Bloch review; Interview with the creator of Castle Schlock, Ray Rexer; Swan Song (Dark Harvest ed.) reviewed.

Novembre: "SK Soundtracks are More Than Music, New Novel Puts SK Back on Track, The Dark Half Reviewed; An Interview with Chris Lacher (New Blood Magazine)".

Dicembre: Stephen J. Spignesi on SK's first published short story "I Was a Teenage Grave Robber"; A review of the McCammon Newsletter "Lights Out"; Interview w/ Barry Hoffman on his "Gauntlet" magazine; Interview w/ Castle Rock Editor Christopher Spruce; Short story by Tom Draheim "The Incubus Dream"; LAST ISSUE.